Recently Added Businesses

NZ Copiers
Copy and print solutions - sales, servicing and repair for leading printer brands across Auckland
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Liquid Brands
Crocs, the world leaders in casual and comfortable footwear for men, women and children.
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Dyson Electrical Ltd
Qualified master electricians based in Auckland
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Ross Develop
Homes for Kiwis, built by Kiwis, serving customers in Bay of Plenty and Auckland, and throughout New Zealand.
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EcoDemo Windows & Doors
EcoDemo Windows & Doors offer NZ customers aluminium joinery in standard and bespoke sizes
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Reach for the Stars Early Learning Centre
Providing love, care and education to children from birth to six years old in the North Shore.
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Don’t compromise on anything less than natural, innovative ingredients at Verital Innovations.
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Techno Insulation
New Zealand wide delivery on all wall wrap, roof wrap, anti corrosion tape and flexible flashing tape.
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Little Mash
Uniquely quality children's clothing and accessories for Hamilton and New Zealand.
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Prestige CMT Interiors
Manufacturing High Quality Curtain, Cushion And Roman Blinds in Auckland, New Zealand
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Local Business Of the Month

SJK Accountants

April 23, 2020
SJK Accountants
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The chartered accountant at SJK Accountants can help you, no matter the situation you find yourself in.

Protect your wealth with the sound financial advice given by our professional team of accountants

Advice for Small Business Accounting

With small business accounting advice you gain knowledge in areas such as maximising profits, managing costs, tax, GST, annual reports and accounting software training and implementation. So talk to us today.

Property Accounting Incidence

Make sure you’re IRD compliant and avoid pitfalls and loss of income with the use of our rental property accounting services. SJK Accountants help take the anxiety out of your property investment portfolio. Talk to use today

Family Trust Help

Protect your assets and wealth for future generations and set up a family trust. SJK Accountants provides family trust management and ongoing advice that will protect your assets long term. Contact us for more information

Earthworks, retaining walls, stormwater drainage and site preparation throughout Auckland.

April 22, 2020
Earthworks, retaining walls, stormwater drainage and site preparation throughout Auckland.
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Based on the North Shore, Keoghan Contractors delivers complex civil engineering and construction projects throughout Auckland.

You can count on Keoghan Contractors for a consistent and professional service, thanks to over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

We deliver a range of services – from retaining walls to site preparation and stormwater drainage as well as traffic management.

Complex retaining wall projects

Need a retaining wall built? Keoghan Contractors build large and complex retaining walls and can recommend the best wall for your situation, such as timber, brick, concrete and gabion.

Drainage and stormwater projects

Our drainage contractors have the skills, experience and equipment to undertake large-scale civil construction and major subdivision drainage work for new systems or upgrades.

Site preparation services

From section clearing and site levelling to roads and footpaths, Keoghan Contractors Ltd delivers all site preparation services for new developments. We also offer on-site traffic management.

Hi-Class Glass

April 21, 2020
Hi-Class Glass
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Need to find a local glazier? Hi Class Glass are experienced custom glass manufacturers!

Installed by experienced staff members, our glass pool fencing and balustrading is top quality.

At Hi Class Glass, we are a reliable glazing team who offer a wide range of glass services.

Adding class to your pool fences and balustrades

No matter your budget or preferred style, we use custom glass manufacturers to ensure your glass fencing or balustrades matches your exact specifications and requirements.

Attractive and easy to maintain glass splashbacks

From the kitchen and bathroom to any other area in the house, when you need a flawless, custom glass splashback, you should talk to the specialists at Hi Class Glass.

Other services and frameless glass showers

A frameless glass shower is the ultimate statement of luxury in any bathroom. Hi Class Glass offer a frameless glass shower that is uncompromising in design, providing premium service and quality.

Core Clinic

April 20, 2020
Core Clinic
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Looking for a physio clinic in Albany? Head to Core Clinic for the best care imaginable.

Not only do we provide quality physio treatments, our team includes podiatrists for foot care and acupuncturists for rebalancing your Qi.

If you have pulled a muscle see our physio for massage, shockwave therapy or a podiatrist for a custom-fitted orthotic for added support as you heal

Feet Care

For quality foot care, book an appointment with the podiatrists at Core Clinic. From ingrown toenail surgery to orthotics for flat feet and nail avulsion, there is a treatment that will help.


Our caring physio professionals can create an individual rehab plan of massage and complementary therapies such as trigger point dry needling, shockwave therapy as well as exercise and nutrition.


Acupuncture is an ancient healing modality and a main component of traditional Chinese Medicine. It consists of the insertion of very fine needles into selected points to balance the Qi and blood circulation of the body.

Cloud.IT Services

April 19, 2020
Cloud.IT Services
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If you are looking for help with maintaining your computers software, remembering passwords or even accessing documents on the go, look no further than Cloud.IT.

Cloud.IT offers a wide range of business NZ-wide managed infrastructure options. Allowing you to store any document in the cloud, with the option to access them anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud.IT has a team ready to supply IT services for any business need, including assistance, regular backups or real-time alerting.

Business Infrastructure

Move your network over to a managed infrastructure cloud-based system. Cloud.IT Services’ allow you to reduce the risk of security breaches whilst saving money on costly computer hardware. Stored programs are accessible on remote desktop connections, making cloud storage a breeze.

Business desktops

Keep team work efficient with an easier way to share documents. Cloud.IT services’ manged desktop option allows access to MS office and data. Wherever there’s an internet connection, document access is a breeze

Work communications

Gone are the days where emails could only be check from on computer. With key features such as spam reduction Cloud.IT service’s offer a NZ hosted exchange for first rate Cloud based email system. This hosted exchange can be used for your company intranet.

Up n Atom Electrical Ltd

April 17, 2020
Up n Atom Electrical Ltd
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Offering a wide range of electrical services in the South Auckland area, from tagging and testing to safety checks and repairs.

Up N Atom Electrical provides complete electrical services and testing for commercial and residential customers.

Up N Atom Electrical ensures safe and swift job completion and strictly manages job safety.

Industrial and commercial

Does your Auckland business require commercial electrical repairs? Up N Atom expertly handles fit-outs, security and alarm systems, and computer and ethernet cable installation.

Rewiring your home

Up N Atom will safely rewire your existing home or new build. Get in touch for mood or security lighting and to install all your Auckland home automation needs.

Appliance compliance and testing services

Make sure your workplace or office is safe from potential hazards. Getting your workplace appliances tagged and tested is easier than ever, simply call Up N Atom Electrical to enquire more today.

G Force – We Assemble | We Install

April 16, 2020
G Force - We Assemble | We Install
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Need new insulation or a piece of furniture put together? See We Install for Earthwool/Glasswool insulation and We Assemble for flat pack assembly.

Our team of qualifed insulation installers covers NZ, & we’re #1 at Bunnings NZ for delivering professional home insulation services.

If you’d rather get us to put together your new piece of furniture, our flat pack assembly services team in Auckland is happy to oblige.

Insulation Installation & Supply

Looking for ways to survive unpredictable weather? Start at home with insulation installation. The team at We Install are the preferred Earthwool/Glasswool insulation installers for Bunnings NZ, helping Kiwis insulate for better protection.

Flatpack / Kitset Assembly

Do you need help constructing your new trampoline? Struggling to decipher the instructions on your new flat pack furniture? Book the team at We Assemble – professionals in kitset assembly services covering greater Auckland.

Get A Quote

If you want to find out more about our installation and assembling services, get in touch with us today.

Colemans Suzuki

April 15, 2020
Colemans Suzuki
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Colemans Suzuki is your top selling, one-stop shop for all your motorbike needs in Auckland.

Colemans Suzuki can help find the right motorbike for you, as well as all the essentials to go with it.

With new, second hand and rental motorbikes available, as well as accessories, you don’t want to miss stopping in at Colemans Suzuki.

Products & Accessories

At Colemans Suzuki, we’ll make sure you’re fully equipped with all the motorbike essentials. We stock a wide range of on and off road accessories, including helmets, riding gear, luggage, tyres, parts and more.

New, Used & Rental Bikes

Colemans Suzuki is the dealership to see if you’re buying your first bike, adding to your collection, looking to upgrade, or in need of a rental. Our range of top quality new and used motorbikes are all ready to ride.

Finance Plans

Find the perfect motorbike that suits your requirements and budget at Colemans Suzuki. With a range of affordable finance plans available, we can help tailor your payment plan to suit your budget, and see you riding away in no time.

Bruce’s Garage Door Services Ltd

April 14, 2020
Bruce's Garage Door Services Ltd
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Auckland wide services and repair for garage doors, with professional service from the local experts.

For cost-effective services, a friendly team of employees and unbeatable workmanship.

Rest assured you are getting the best professional advice and solutions to suit your needs.

Repairs and maintenance

We can offer advanced servicing for new or existing automatic garage doors. With materials always on hand, our team is always equipped and experienced to handle a wide range of residential projects.

Garage door remotes and openers

From installing extra safety features to reprogramming or replacing your damaged remote, we are experts in all services concerning garage doors. Contact us at Bruce’s Garage Door Services to see how we can help you.

Quality garage doors for sale

Put your garage door in the hands of the experts, and rest assured you’ll receive both professional quality service and the lasting solution you need. We also offer a supply of garage doors in a variety of brands.

A1 Containers NZ

April 13, 2020
A1 Containers NZ
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A1 Containers NZ supplies high-quality new and used shipping containers throughout New Zealand.

At some locations A1 Containers NZ can assist with container modifications to accommodate home or business plans.

Both new and used containers can be supplied for a variety of uses including storage and cargo.

A1 Containers NZ – About Us

A1 Containers NZ is an established company supplying shipping containers for sale and hire. With more than 50 years of combined experience the team at A1 Containers can find the right container for your needs.

Shipping Container Specifications

A1 Containers NZ supplies a wide range of new and nearly new shipping containers across New Zealand. Container sizes range from 8ft to 40ft and containers can be provided for a variety of uses.

Common Questions About Containers

A1 Containers NZ can answer all questions about shipping containers including whether it is better to buy or hire, what delivery options are and how to spot a good container when you are looking at new or used containers.

The Door Shed

April 13, 2020
The Door Shed
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Based in Auckland, The Door Shed are experts in creating NZ made doors to suit a range of requirements.

With delivery available throughout New Zealand, you can order you new door from anywhere in the country.

Whether you’re looking for sliding doors, interior or exterior doors, barn doors and more, you can find it at The Door Shed.

All types of doors

Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior doors, The Door Shed supply a range of door styles to suit your requirements. Choose from traditional, sliding, barn style and more from our extensive range.

Door Accessories & Hardware

Now you’ve got your new door, make sure you’ve got all the accessories to go with it. The Door Shed also supplies a range of door handles, knobs, hinges, catches, deadbolts and more.

Custom Prehung Doors

Made to measure your specific requirements, order your pre-hung door with The Door Shed. Prehung doors are delivered built into their frames already, specific to your size requirements, making it easy for you to install.

Flag & Banner

April 12, 2020
Flag & Banner
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Convenient advertising has never been more accessible than with our custom made flags and banners.

Flag and Banner specialises in advertising flags, corporate banners and large format printing.

We attract attention to your business and brand with our aesthetically pleasing designs, as we have done for local businesses since our establishment in 1996.


Ensure your brand stands out above the rest with a professional quality flag made by the qualified team at Flag & Banner. All of our products are proudly made right here in New Zealand.

Advertisement banners

Our extensive range of commercial banners makes advertising even easier than before. Get the name of your business into the public with a high appeal banner from our design team.

Large format prints

Flag & Banner offers customised exhibition display solutions making our large format printing, outdoor banners and exhibition display stands a speciality.


April 11, 2020
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We are an Auckland located company which offer great physiotherapy and rehabilitation services

KneeCare is helping the physiotherapy industry by contributing research relating to hip, knee, ankle and Achilles tendon treatment and rehabilitation

Here at KneeCare, we offer only the greatest treatments for lower limb problems!

All you need to know about us

At first we only offered services for people with knee osteoarthritis but KneeCare has grown immensely to now focusing on all aspects of lower limb physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Lower limb problems

We offer services for anterior/posterior cruciate & medical collateral, hip & knee joint replacements, meniscal injuries/chondral injuries, knee osteoarthritis and many more lower limb conditions

Our services provide

We provide the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation offering many services in order to efficiently assess and treat any lower limb injuries in North Shore, Auckland

Mega Zone Manukau

April 11, 2020
Mega Zone Manukau
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Having one of the best centres in the country, Megazone Manukau has glow in the dark laser tag & mini golf for you to play in.

Come and experience our adrenaline pumping laser tag, featuring forts, multi-level ramps, and glow in the dark walls.

Your family, friends, or colleagues will have a heap of fun with us, so book us for your next birthday party, family, or corporate event!

Play Laser Tag

Get the adrenaline pumping, by booking a laser tag session for your next party or event. You’ll be using frontline equipment to explore our glow in the dark course and play against your friends, family or colleagues.

Mini Golf Course

Sometimes laser tag just isn’t your game. That’s why we have a 9-hole mini golf course available alongside laser tag, giving you the opportunity to redeem yourself or stay a part of the action-packed fun.

Birthday Party Bookings

Need a place for your child’s next birthday party? Megazone’s laser tag arena is the best place for your party guests to have fun, while you sit back and relax. We have a range of party packages to suit whatever your party needs are.

Strata Title Administration

April 10, 2020
Strata Title Administration
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Sit back and relax which we do the hard work for you

No surprises, our quote is your payment

Our aim is to help you quietly enjoy your property

What is a Body Corporate?

Body Corporate’s consist of those people owning property under a unit title.

What we do for you

Building insurance, financial reports and dispute management can be a hassle but with our help you can avoid all of this and focus your attention elsewhere.

Trust us

With Strata, your Body Corporate is in safe hands.

Ergonomic Office

April 10, 2020
Ergonomic Office
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Office furniture specialists Ergo Furniture are here to help source and supply your total office furniture needs.

From staplers and whiteboards, to a complete office fit-out, we can help supply the best commercial & office furniture straight to you.

We don’t just sell to you, we listen to what you need and offer you the best furniture solution based on this.

Latest Products

Keep your office up to date with the latest furniture innovations. You can explore our range of latest products, including motion offices and acoustic furniture. Check it out, and decorate your office with furniture of the future.

Office & Commercial Seating

Having comfortable seating in your office is a must. Choose from our range of task, executive, meeting, or specialised seating to fit your office out with. For commercial clients, we also supply cafe and public seating.

Office Desks

Finish off your office fit-out with desks and workstations that are suitable to every one of your employees. With a range of fixed desks, height adjustable workstations, and corner desks, you’ll find desks perfect for your office.

Buy Bullion

April 10, 2020
Buy Bullion
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We deal gold and silver bars, rounds and coins from Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington.

Our services are now online so you can buy and sell gold and silver from your home anywhere in New Zealand.

Offering top of the line customer support with high standards of integrity and professionalism.

Silver Investment

If you want to invest your money into something physical like silver, we can help you no matter where you are in New Zealand. Offering silver in a range of forms.

Investing in Gold

Our gold is ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice with next day signature and tracked delivery. Invest in something more physical with globally appreciated metals.


We have our own secure vault with many storage options including safe boxes both inside and out of the treasury for different security needs and wants.

Wakefield Electrical Heatpumps

April 9, 2020
Wakefield Electrical Heatpumps
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Certified Mitsubishi Heat Pump suppliers and installers, Wakefield Electrical provide easy and professional heat pump services.

With a team of qualified and skilled electricians, we’ll have your new heat pump installed in no time.

If you’d like to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, get in touch with us about our heat pumps today.

We make things easy for you

At Wakefield Electrical, we want to make the selection and installation process easy for you. Now you can buy your heat pump online! After that one of our master electricians will come perform a site inspection, and then install your new heat pump.

Heat Pump Styles

You’ll find the heat pump ideal for you at Wakefield Electrical with our wide range of Mitsubishi heat pumps. Select from high wall mounted, hypercore and floor consoles to suit your homes design, as well as any additional heat pump accessories.

Heating for your space

Choosing the right heat pump for your room and home is essential to keep your family toasty warm. With so many to choose from, we’ll make sure we install the heat pump that is best suited to your space and maximise the benefits.

Get Snow Fit

April 9, 2020
Get Snow Fit
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Be prepared to make the most out of your season when you hit the slopes with SnowFIT’s expert snow fitness programmes.

Our training programmes are available for people of all fitness levels, all ages, and all snow abilities.

If maximising your time on the slopes, increase your enjoyment, and decrease any risk of injury sounds good to you, sign up today!

Board & Ski Programmes

With online classes for you to do at home, you will have a trained expert guiding you through a range of ski & board related exercises. Our programmes are specifically designed to boost your fitness levels on the slopes, from no matter where you are!

Benefits of SnowFIT Training

With easy, effective exercise programmes, you’ll never have to experience the pain of sore legs after a day on the slopes again. SnowFIT programmes are proven to increase fitness, reducing ski related injuries and the need for ‘recovery’ days.

Join SnowFIT today!

There’s always a snow season somewhere, so get yourself fit and ready for the slopes without delay. Sign up with SnowFIT and not only receive access to our expert training videos, but get yourself snow fit in just six short weeks!

Cain Built

April 8, 2020
Cain Built
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If you’re planning on building or renovating your home, you’ve come to the right place.

North Shore based residential builders Cain Built are all you need to use to create your dream home.

Find out more about how the team at Cain Built can help you achieve your dream home or space by getting in touch with us.

Experts in Renovation

With extensive experience and ability in major home renovations, the Cain Built building experts on the North Shore bring you complete home extensions and home renovations.

Architectural New Homes

When building a new home or house, make sure you have the best new home builders working for you. Cain Built can take care of the entire building process for you from start to finish, meaning you can sit back and relax.

Architectural Designs

We have a team of home design builders ready to help design contemporary and architectural house plans for your home on the North Shore. Contact us today, and the first step to your new home build is underway.

Union Car Spares

April 7, 2020
Union Car Spares
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If you own a 4WD or late model vehicle and need a reliable team of auto mechanics to keep it in top shape, contact Union Car Spares.

Our team works on many vehicle makes and models, including Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ssangyong, Alfa Romeo, LDV, and of course Jeep.

Also visit us for 4WD accessories. Add ons include diesel chips, a large range of tyres including Mickey Thompson Tyres, as well as Rhino Roof Racks.

Car Servicing

From Warrant of Fitness assessments to wheel balancing and alignments to repairs, Union Car Spares will handle all aspects of your car servicing needs.

4WD Accessories and Parts

Ready to go exploring? Union Car Spares carries an extensive range of 4WD accessories for your next expedition, including tyres, performance modules, winches, repair kits and more.

Roof Rack Carriers

Head to Union Car Spares for the most comprehensive range of Rhino-Rack products in Northland as well as Yakima, Wisbar, Prorack and Thule carriers and accessories.

CheckM8 Building Consultants Ltd

April 5, 2020
CheckM8 Building Consultants Ltd
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You’re in safe hands with CheckM8 Building Consultants as they have a wealth of 30 years experience in the industry.

Our experts provide you with clear, concise house inspection and pre-purchase inspection reports.

Ensure your next building investment is an informed decision and contact the experts at CheckM8 Building Consultants.

Comprehensive Building Inspections

The experts at CheckM8 Building Consultants will put together an easy to understand yet comprehensive report for you within 24 hours.

Quality House Inspections

If you need an inspection for your Auckland property, contact the experts at CheckM8 Building Consultants today and let us provide you with quality reports.

Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections

CheckM8 can help you with Auckland Council code of compliance certificates for your potential new property and provide you with a pre-purchase inspection.

NZ Force Construction

April 3, 2020
NZ Force Construction
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NZ construction will match your steller communication with exllent service in a resonable time frame at a fair price.

Integrity, performance, value and client satisfaction are all key in creating long-term relationships.

The passion and dedication of our experienced team changes with the need of NZ force’s clients.

What we offer

Talk to one of the leading commercial construction companies in Auckland. Whether you need full project management or a build only partner.


Take a look at our previous ventures in both residential and commercial builds in Auckland. Call in today for more information or to discuss your needs.

Team members

People are the drivers behind any company. NZ force construction has the best driven team out there. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

The Three Brothers

April 2, 2020
The Three Brothers
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Think about The Three Brothers at your next function venue.

Compromised of 3 joining bars, Harry, George and Jack, The Three Brother bar can be found at 153 Ponsonby Road.

All three bars have a different laid back style

Our Bars

Harry, George and Jack are easily some of the best bars in Auckland. Sit back and savour imported tap beers, craft beer, top shelf drinks and cocktails from our popular Ponsonby bars. You can also hire out our bars for your next function.

Presenting Live entertainment

Acoustic, R&B, hip hop, house and open mic nights are some of the best features of our Auckland night club. We have established links with many artists so there is plenty of live music on offer for you to sit back and listen to.

Hire our bars for your next function

Looking for competitively priced venue hire? Celebrate your event with The Three Brothers Bar. Whether you require a 21st venue, Christmas party venue or an affordable engagement party venue – we can sort something out for you.


April 1, 2020
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Providore helps corporate and private clients find exceptional catering and hospitality staff, and individuals find fantastic jobs in hospitality.

From chefs to kitchen hands, Providore meets the staff recruitment needs of Auckland’s top dining establishments as well as private clients.

Providore has a database of over 300 hospitality professionals who have been carefully recruited to ensure you get the staff you need.

Working with us in hospitality

Join Providore’s catering and hospitality database, and you could be working on a private, luxury yacht one week and in one of Auckland’s leading hotels the next.

Temporary hospitality staff

Providore has built a pool of hospitality professionals who are talented, experienced and customer-focused. Next time you need temporary hospitality staff for your café, restaurant, bar or special event, contact our hospitality employment agency.

Private function staff

Whether you are planning a large-scale wedding or an exclusive corporate affair, our recruitment agency can help. Providore provides chefs and all other hospitality staff to ensure your private function is a success.

Real Mortgages

March 31, 2020
Real Mortgages
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For free independent mortgage advice talk to Real Mortgages – registered financial advisers helping you into your next home.

Finance and Mortgages

Receive free and independent mortgage and lending advice with Real Mortgages. Our team works hard to obtain the best interest rates, terms and conditions on home loans, personal loans, commercial lending and much more.

Asset Protection

Calculate Interest Payments

Add your details into our easy-to-use mortgage calculator to assess monthly repayments over different terms. Also stay abreast of the current NZ mortgage interest rates from all major lenders.

Mulch Blowers

March 30, 2020
Mulch Blowers
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The expert specialist’s at Mulch Blowers can provide and set up all kinds of mulch:

Garden mulch for landscaping…

Playground bark or mulch…

Timber Garden mulch

With its 100% recycled timber garden mulch for residential use, Reharvest® is the ideal mulch for your home.

Bark chips for playground

Meeting all health and safety requirements, our mulch blowers can provide a supply and installation service for quality playground bark.

Bulk bark chipping

Weather it is for a large factory work or night traffic control projects, we can offer commercial and motorways bark mulch blowing services.

Let’s Eat Catering

March 29, 2020
Let's Eat Catering
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Let’s Eat Catering is a family owned business offering affordable catering anywhere in the greater Auckland region.

We offer several different options of catering for your event, from finger foods to ala carte.

You can be certain you’ll find the menu you’re looking for at Let’s Eat, with an extensive range of menus and foods to choose from.

Catering for Auckland wide corporate events

From tens to thousands, our exceptional catering services are suited towards any size group from international events to small business gatherings. Catering to all your requirements and needs is our priority, so book with us today.

Menus to cater towards your wedding’s needs

With four decades of industry experience catering towards groups of all sizes, Let’s Eat offers quality wedding catering to reduce the hassle and make your special day a memorable one, surpassing expectation, meeting all your requirements and more.

Several function and event venues in Auckland we service

With menus tailored to the requirements, a variety of scenic, gorgeous event venues and friendly, hassle free catering services, when you choose let’s eat to cater for your next function, you don’t have to worry about event planning and can instead enjoy yourself.

Warwick Price Landscaping

March 28, 2020
Warwick Price Landscaping
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Our team of landscapers will give your Auckland property the garden you have always dreamed of.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning garden, sparkling pool or sleek courtyard, our landscaping specialists have the experience and knowledge to help you.

Whether you are after a stunning, unique garden design or an outdoor entertainment and pool area, call the experts at Warwick Price Landscaping.

Trusted local designers for landscaping

As well as assisting you to find the right landscape designer for your specific project we also provide our own garden design services as we pride ourselves on our teams ability to create stunning, new designs.

For all your Auckland hard landscaping needs

Offering hard landscaping services throughout Auckland, our team is guaranteed to complete your project with superb service and attention to detail. For all your hard landscaping needs, contact the experts today.

Constructing and designing dream gardens for Auckland properties

If you need more proof that we’re the team to turn your dream garden into a reality, feel free to view our gallery and judge for yourself the expertise of our designers.

Digital Solutions

March 27, 2020
Digital Solutions
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Auckland’s Digital Solutions offer solutions relating to tv’s to enhance your experience while watching television.

Digital Solutions offer television viewing enhancements by supplying the product and installation for both homes and businesses.

We supply and install top tier cabling to make sure you get the greatest picture quality possible.

Services we provide

Digital Solutions offer many services including smart home automation, cabling, freeview, home theatre systems, new televisions, security cameras, television aerials, television setup, and wall mounts.

Our testimonials

Interested in one of our professional tv installation services? Get in touch with us today! Our friendly team are happy to help with all of your enquiries.

Get in touch

Need help selecting a new tv or setting one up? We’ve got you handled. Give us a call or send an email via the contact details listed and we will swiftly provide services for your needs.