Expert and engaging modern music tuition with experienced music teachers in Whangarei

February 9, 2021

Looking for quality music lessons in Whangarei? The NZ Modern School of Music offers music tuition including singing for 5- to 95-year-olds.

Our teachers will help you advance your musical knowledge no matter what your skill level or your age.

For guitar, piano and keyboard lessons or singing tuition and music theory, talk to the NZ Modern School of Music in Whangarei.

Quality music tuition

The NZ Modern School of Music uses a unique music curriculum that can be tailored to your skill level. Our school offers piano and guitar lessons as well as singing lessons and music theory.

Professional music teachers

You’ll find our teachers friendly and approachable as well as highly knowledgeable in their field. Our teachers work hard to ensure lessons are fun and enjoyable.

Our music exam system

Available throughout the year, NZ Modern School of Music exams allow you to gain recognition for your achievements and chart your musical development. Our exams include a creative component.


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