LZ New Zealand

March 21, 2021

LZ New Zealand has been supplying homes and businesses across New Zealand with high-quality LED lighting for more than a decade.

LZ New Zealand chooses LED lighting because it is better quality, lasts longer and is more cost-effective than standard lighting.

LZ New Zealand also designs off grid street lighting systems for public spaces across the country.

LED lighting for homes

LED lighting is more energy efficient than standard lighting and can help save money on your energy bills. LZ New Zealand stocks a range of LED lights in warm and cool shades.

LED lighting for business premises

Light your commercial property with high-quality LED lighting from LZ New Zealand and enjoy better lighting at a lower cost than standard lighting. LZ New Zealand delivers nation-wide

Off grid street lighting

LZ New Zealand supplies innovative off grid street lighting ideal for subdivisions and public spaces. Lighting can be tied to solar power and includes a monitoring system.


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