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Karl Trotter

July 1, 2020
Karl Trotter
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If you need a criminal defence lawyer you can rely on when you are facing any sort of criminal charge. Get the advice you need and a lawyer you can rely on.

Karl Trotter represents all Auckland and provides legal defences for: minor offences, tax, customs, fisheries offences, driving and traffic offences and other serious criminal offences.

Defence lawyer located in the centre of Auckland CBD for all serious criminal offences.

Licensed legal aid

From a highly experienced lawyer in criminal defence law who can represent you in various Auckland Courts.

Open-minded and helpful

With a location opposite the Auckland District Court, I am available to answer your legal questions and provide your defence.

Veteran barrister lawyer

I graduated in 1983, became a barrister the following year and have an extensive experience in law and the New Zealand legal system.

Andrew Swan Barrister

March 11, 2020
Andrew Swan Barrister
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Andrew and his team are professionals working in the civil court. We can help you get through your debt recovery process.

Our team in central Auckland offers competitive rates and simple alternatives compared to those offered by large firms.

Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation to find out how we can assist you or your business.

Southern Cross Chambers

Andrew Swan is a member of Southern Cross Chambers, located at 59 High Street. Southern Cross Chambers has an extensive record of achievements throughout its history since 1977.

Our Qualifications

Andrew Swan, after receiving his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Auckland went on to gain practical experience at Lawrence Anderson Buddle, and Webster Malcolm and Kilpatrick.


When dealing with civil cases of property, commercial or employment law correct and proper advice is vital. As there are many aspects of civil law, it is helpful to receive advice from a lawyer.

Schumacher Law

September 8, 2019
Schumacher Law
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When experiencing big changes in your life, you may have a lot of questions and feel uncertain about the future.

Make informed decisions with the help of our experienced team of family lawyers at Schumacher Law.

Call Schumacher Law today and let us help you whether you need to prepare a prenuptial agreement or gain information about how your childcare arrangements can work.

Children’s Care Arrangements Advice.

It can help to see different examples of how other families have approached custody of their children after separation and we can give you advice for you to make informed decisions.

Family Issues Solutions.

We understand the need for practical, down to earth solutions for your family issues and we can help with our experienced and caring family legal advice that is effective, discreet and understanding.

Divorce/Separation Advice.

At Schumacher Law, we can give you answers to your queries about separation and divorce whether that’s if you should file for a divorce, who takes responsibility for the care of your children or who gets what, we are here to help.