Bridget Emmitt – Personal Fitness Training & Motivation

May 4, 2021

Ever find yourself signing up for different fitness memberships like yoga or the gym and not using them? try Truly Toned instead.

Do you ever decide to start a new diet and find yourself reaching for the junk food after a week? Try partnering with Truly Toned.

Not only will Truly Toned’s personal trainer keep you motivated, she will also provide expert advice to help you perform correctly.

About Truly Toned personal training

Truly Toned is all about trying to help you in reaching your fitness goals. Bridget Emmitt, personal trainer of 17 years is a key part of this process as she knows exactly how to help you get where you want to be.

Truly Toned training

Here at Truly Toned all of our programs are made to suit the user no matter the level of fitness so whether you’re just starting out in the gym or an experienced gym user, we can help you out.

People we have helped

With personal training help from trainers at Truly Toned, you are sure to better yourself as shown by these people that have been through our programs and come out an improved version of themselves.


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