Bathroom Pro

May 2, 2021

BathroomPro is an established bathroom renovation company creating stunning renovation ideas that tick all the boxes for form and function for homeowners around South and East Auckland.

The BathroomPro team oversees all of your bathroom installation including supplying new bathroom products.

East and South Auckland’s Bathroom Design & Renovation Pros at BathroomPro providing form and function.

Stunning design with Bathroompro

From small ensuites created from a cupboard space to new family bathrooms our bathroom design pros will ensure your space works for you. Looking after East and South Auckland.

The supply of bathrooms

Save time and money by letting us supply all your new fixtures and fittings. We can give expert advice and use leading bathroom suppliers to ensure quality.

Renovate at Bathroompro

There are many reasons for undertaking bathroom renovations and BathroomPro can assist whatever your situation. Auckland’s bathroom design and renovation pros.


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