WOF while you shop

February 23, 2021

At WOF while you shop, experience being able to go off and shop while we take care of your WOF.

With a new, bigger garage in New Lynn, we provide fast WOF services while you can shop in Lynnmall Shopping Centre.

With our team of qualified mechanics, you can bring your car in for repair services as well as your WOF.

WOF Specialists

We’re all about your car’s safety, not just slapping on a WOF sticker. With us, you’re guaranteed a reliable WOF checker from our team of experts. You don’t need an appointment, so come on down and make the most of the mall right behind us!

Repair Services

Don’t delay in giving your car some TLC. Our services include vehicle servicing and repairs, starting with your WOF check. When you get a full service on your car, we’ll even throw in the WOF for free!

Need a reminder?

We know that sometimes it can be hard to remember to get your WOF done in time. To save you from missing your WOF due date, we can send you a reminder before it’s due! You’ll never miss your due date again.


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